Welcome to Green Box. We are a not-for-profit co-operative that aims to provide local, sustainable, organic, and minimally packaged food at affordable prices.

The co-op is committed to supporting local farmers and producers from the beautiful South Coast and Southern Highlands, and to encourage the use of sustainable farming practices, by providing them a market.

All fresh produce is sourced within a 160km (100 mile) radius. To cater for community demand, certain bulk dry goods have been sourced from further afield. We are committed to sourcing the most sustainable products available, from as close as possible. We will always tell you where your food comes from and how it was grown.

We believe that in doing these things, we’ll reduce food miles, waste, packaging and chemicals – and we’ll be able to provide the healthiest, most delicious food possible.

We’re driven by our passion for organic, local food and seasonal eating: the joy of freshly-dug potatoes, golden pastured eggs, sun-ripened peaches. And we believe this food should
be available to everyone without costing the earth.

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How Green Box works:

Our online shop is open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Our online shop closes 7pm Monday evening. If you just miss the shop, please email us and we’ll see what we can do.

To see our online shop, please click on the shopping basket  >>>>>>

You collect your order on Thursday afternoon from your pre-arranged collection point:

Green Box warehouse pick up:      2.30 to 5.30pm Thursday
Berry Co-op pick:                             3pm to 5pm Thursday
North Nowra pick up:                      3pm to 5pm Thursday
Home delivery can be arranged to some areas